Here’s Tom Klein’s t-shirt design for 2016. We stopped accepting advance orders on September 20 to give our vendor time to print the t-shirts; we’ll have some extras for sale at the event. If you ordered and paid for your t-shirt when you registered (before Sept. 20), you can pick up your t-shirt at the event.

T-shirt design for 2016, featuring an Andrew Wyeth painting, Christina's World, with a set of pipes added to Christina.
The 2016 Northeast Tionól t-shirt design by Tom Klein


You can see previous year’s t-shirts below. Most of these will be available for purchase at the tionól, we usually have a few left over each year and bring them to the event.


“Pablo Piobcasso,” the 2015 t-shirt design by Tom Klein.

T-shirt design for the 2015 Northeast Tionól, "Pablo Piobcasso," by Tom Klein
T-shirt design for the 2015 Northeast Tionól, “Pablo Piobcasso,” by Tom Klein


“Madam X,” the t-shirt design for the 2014 Northeast Tionól by Tom Klein.

T-shirt design for the 2014 northeast tionól
The t-shirt design for the 2014 Northeast Tionól, by Tom Klein


“The Piper’s Despair,” designed by Tom Klein for the 2013 Tionól. Click on the image below to see a larger version (which will help you see what he’s “despairing” about!)

"The Piper's Despair," 2013 t-shirt design by Tom Klein
“The Piper’s Despair,” 2013 t-shirt design by Tom Klein


Piper and designer Tom Klein came up with another great  design for the 2012 t-shirts (click on this and any of the other images on this page to see a larger version):

Northeast Tionol 2012 t-shirt design
Northeast Tionól 2012 t-shirt design by Tom Klein

You can order yours (along with other merchandise) from our cafepress site.

T-shirts from previous years

arm, bellows, strap
T-shirt design for 2011

The Bellows-Fiddle design below is meant to be “timeless” (not tied to any one year’s tionól) and does not include a year or instructor listings.

Bellows Fiddle design for t-shirts
Northeast Tionól Bellows-Fiddle t-shirt design

Roisín the Riveter is our popular design from the 2010 Northeast Tionól.

Roisin the Riveting Piper t-shirt design
Roisin the Riveter, 2010 Northeast Tionól T-Shirt Design

You can order t-shirts, hoodies, aprons, mugs, beer steins, travel mugs, mouse pads, iPhone and iPad cases, and other merchandise with designs from 2011 and earlier from our cafepress site. Note that we are not offering our more recent t-shirt designs through cafepress.

3 thoughts on “T-Shirts

  1. Hi Deirdre — the only way to order this year’s t-shirt design is to through the tionól registration form: if you’re planning to come to the tionól you can order one and we’ll have it for you there. But we aren’t using café press anymore; we weren’t really happy with their quality. If you want to order a t-shirt with this year’s design and have it sent to you, please reply here and we’ll get in touch with you.

    1. Hi — t-shirts will be available to buy during the event. The only way to order in advance is by registering for the event. When you register there’s an option to buy t-shirts.

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