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  1. Are there activities/events for “non participating” family members? Was thinking myself (pipes) and my son (fiddle) participating, but also bringing my wife and son (who don’t play) along as well for a little vacation. Also, can you recommend any camp grounds in the area to stay?

    1. Hi Andrew — there aren’t any other activities at Gavin’s (although they do have a playground with swings, sliding board, etc.) but plenty of sights to see and places to hike in the area. There are campgrounds around, but you’ll have to check with them to make sure they’re still open at that time of year; some of them close after September. See https://www.yelp.com/search?cflt=campgrounds&find_loc=East+Durham%2C+NY+12423 for a list of campgrounds in the area. East Durham is fairly close to places like Woodstock, NY, and Hudson, NY, and there are lots of places to hike in the mountains.

      1. Thanks Brad. That is what I was a little concerned about about being so late in the season for camping.

        1. The weather is unpredictable that time of year; we’ve occasionally had snow flurries, but also lots of sun and warmth, cold and rainy, everything really.

          1. Totally okay! We have beginner classes, and although the workshops tend to be geared toward more intermedate-to-advanced players you’ll still learn a lot. And everyone’s encouraging and helpful to beginning pipers, you’ll feel welcome.

          2. Okay, good luck! They often sell out months in advance and might already be sold out for that weekend; if they don’t have room you could check with Shamrock House (not far away).

  2. I won the raffle last year for free admin this year!!
    Can you sign my up for the upper Int pipes and Benedict’s class for Sunday. Can you also confirm

  3. Hi folks! I will be registering myself (pipes) and my wife Maira (fiddle) tomorrow 7/26/23. I would like to request having a piping instructor whom I have not had before, which narrows the field down to Colleen Shanks, and Patrick Hutchinson. Would that be possible? Also, my wife has been at the fiddle for 3.5 years. Would love her to a at least be able to experience Liz Carroll while she is there. Thanks in advance. Looking forward to this year!

    1. Hi Arbo — thanks, I’ll make a note of it. We try to accommodate requests like this but it’s a balancing act in terms of classroom space and the number of students who sign up at each level. We can’t make any promises. But I’ll pass your request on to our registrars! -Brad

  4. I’m sad that you’ve cancelled, but I do think it’s the right thing to have done. Fingers crossed, now that vaccines are being officially approved, some of the hesitant will feel better about it, and we will be in a much better situation by October 2022.
    Much love, Lila

  5. Hi Brad,

    I understand that Gavin’s is sold out. If I pick up reservations with other lodgings, is there still a way to have Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner at Gavin’s? If so, How would I go about doing that?

  6. Hello,
    Thank you for the work in making this 2020 event possible.
    I have already registered for some-but-not-all of 2020 classes I am interested in.
    Due to scheduling I was not sure if I would to able to take part in Joey Arbata’s Regulator class (so I did not register at the time.)
    It now seems there will be no scheduling conflict for me.
    I just tried to register for this class on your website, which informed me that “You are already Registered”.
    I am for other classes but not Joey’s class.
    I would like to take part in Joey’s class but the website currently will not let me add Joey’s class to the other classes that I have already registered for.
    Any help that you can supply is assisting me to add Joey’s class to my registration would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you,
    Stay Well
    John P. McCarthy

  7. Is it poss to purchase T-shirts from the Northeast Tionól as far back as 2011? I’d like to purchase one shirt for each year’s event . Any way this could happen? I’m willing to pay the shipping costs to New Zealand.

  8. I can’t go–is registration refundable? If not, is it possible for me to give my registration to another person who has just decided to come to the Tíonal?

    1. Hi Beth! Concert is $20; if someone pays for the Friday night concert they’ll get a wrist band that lets them into the Saturday night concert as well.

  9. Hi, I’m a flute/whistle player, first time attending. Is it ok to attend a workshop on pipes or fiddle (not seeing any flute workshops here). I love piping and piping tunes, but am not a piper.

    1. Hi Jane, glad you’ll be coming! You’ll see a few workshops with descriptions that say “all instruments welcome” (e.g., the O’Carolan Workshop). Those are obviously fair game. You can attend one of the pipes-specific workshops, but note that all workshops have limited space (in most cases just 10 participants, to provide the chance for everyone to get attention), so you’d be taking a space away from a piper who might benefit more from that workshop. Unlike the Catskills Irish Arts Week, the tionól is focused on pipes and fiddle. There are always plenty of flute players, box players, concertina players, etc. at the event, but we don’t offer workshops or classes for those instruments.

      1. Though a flute/whistle player, I’d like to take Yvonne Casey’s workshop, actually–would that be all right?

        1. Yes, but sign up quickly, as there are only a couple of spots left in Yvonne’s workshop. They’ll likely be gone in the next day or two.

  10. I live in Cincinnati, OH and am looking for a set of pipes to rent to start learning on. Do you know of anyone who does such a thing? I was referred from Na Piobairi Uilleann.

      1. If we’re lucky, and I can be there, I would likely have 1 or 2 of my Student Model Practice Sets with me that I would cheerfully loan out to anyone at the Tionol, FCFS.

  11. Hello!
    I just attended the 2 concerts for the 2017 Tionol. The musicians were SUPERB! I can’t say the same about Gavins for the venue – the seats were absolutely THE most uncomfortable I have ever sat on; it was so crowded I couldn’t see; Saturday night they were moving furniture above us – it was very distracting. Gavins needs to improve -put a portable stage up so the musicians can be seen and purchase some new, more comfortable chairs. I do not think I will return next year unless something is done!

    1. Thanks for your comments. We did talk with Gavin’s about the timing of furniture-moving in the dining room above the pub. We’ll pass your other comments on to them.

  12. Hi – we’re heading up tonight. Do you know if registration will be open tonight and if so, what time? Or do we wait until the morning?

  13. I am a concertina player and I like to sit in on workshops with pipers. I would like to attend either Ivan Goff’s Variations or Fiachra O’Regan’s Slow Airs. Last year I attended Michael Stirbling’s sounds of silence and got a lot out of it. Can you please let me know when those workshops take place, and if I can pay at the door? Thanks very much! P

    1. Hi Philippa — all workshops this year are on Sunday from 3-4:30 pm. If you want to attend a workshop, please sign up for it in advance at the registration table (registration will be in the Tea Room on Friday evening; I believe it will be in the pub on Saturday morning). Workshops are $45.
      The schedule for the weekend is at the bottom of this page: https://www.eastcoastpipers.com/details/

  14. Hello! I’m excited to find that I am free the weekend of the Tionol for the first time in many years. I see that the registration is now closed online, I just want to double check that there is room if I show up to the Tionol? I’d like to participate in the reed making workshop, and possibly audit a piping workshop or two. Is there room for me?


    1. Hi Nate — yes, you can register on-site for $190.00. Note that lodging and meals are extra on top of that; Gavin’s may be sold out (they typically sell out by late August) but you will need to check with the directly about lodging. You would need to register in full if you want to take the reedmaking workshop. Most of the piping workshops still have room but several are full; if you check the “Details” page on the website here you’ll see which ones no longer have room.

    1. Thanks, Susan — you can just show up at Gavin’s (the concerts will happen in the pub). We’re selling a combined ticket for $20 that’s good for both concerts — if you buy a ticket Friday night hang onto it since you’ll be able to use it again for the Saturday concert without paying extra.

  15. In the past, I have signed up for workshops although I play neither pipes nor fiddle. This year, workshops are clearly marked for each instrument. Does that mean I can no longer sign up for a workshop?

    1. Hi Lila — we’ve always marked workshops as either for pipes or fiddle (sometimes for both), and we’ve always allowed auditors (people who don’t play the instrument but just want to listen and learn). If you’ve registered for the tionól, you can audit any workshop as long as there’s space and it’s okay with the instructor. If you’re signing up as workshop-only participant, you can sign up for any workshop you like.

  16. We live locally and will not be registering for the workshops. Can we still attend the evening concert and where is it?

    1. Yes! There will be instructor concerts on Friday and Saturday nights — we’re going to sell a $20 ticket that allows you in to both concerts. Concerts will take place at Gavin’s, in the pub.

  17. Hello. I am a beginner at piping, and have been taking lessons since June, 2016. Are there workshops at your tionol which would be appropriate for a beginner? Thank you.

    1. Hi Richard — we always have beginner classes at the tionol. The workshops are generally aimed at more intermediate and advanced players, but beginners would still learn something by attending. There are two classes and two workshops over the course of the weekend.

  18. Hi Neil,

    We don’t assign roommates anymore. I think we used to do that, many years ago, but not for a long time now. Accommodations are handled entirely by Gavin’s, and we don’t get involved. We set up the blog to help people find roommates and to share transportation. Cheers, Brad

  19. Fixed! It’s easy for us to make changes like this. I put you in Ivan’s workshop on Saturday and Sheila’s workshop on Sunday.

  20. Hi, registration will open in July. We’ll announce this year’s lineup of instructors later this spring, it won’t be long! Hope to see you in October.

  21. Hello Brad,
    could you send me the link for the info about ivory? Is it so that instruments from Canada are not a problem?

    1. Hello Henri,

      Sorry for the delay. Instruments from Canada are most certainly a problem if they have ivory on them and you’re crossing the border into the US (it seems that going back to Canada is okay). tighter restrictions have been in place since February 2014 on ivory imports and exports. If you’re coming to the tionól from another country and any part of your instrument contains ivory, your instrument may be confiscated at the border unless you have the approved documentation. It’s worth reading up on the new law to understand the risks. There’s a good summary at http://www.thebagpipeplace.com/Ivory_Law.html

  22. Hi Gary — we’ll let you know shortly; it’s mainly an issue of available space in the workshop rooms at Gavin’s.

    1. Hi Chuck — yes, reservations for Gavin’s are made directly through them. Don’t wait, as Gavin’s usually sells out by early August!

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