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  1. Hello, do you have a tune list for the sets/tunes that generally get played at the sessions during the tionol?

    1. Hi Bryant — sorry, no tune list; the sessions are free-form and people start whatever tune/set of tunes they want to play. There’s really only one organized session, the slow session on Friday night after the concert, and that session generally has a leader or two to make sure it stays slow and accessible to beginners. At the same time, there will be open sessions everywhere: in the pub and in people’s rooms, and there are always lots of sessions in the building where we hold the classes.

    1. Online registration opens in July each year. We also sell concert tickets at the door for people who don’t register for the event but want to go to the concerts.

    1. Hi Rosemary, absolutely! Lots of people just come for the sessions. The concert is $25, but if you come Friday night and pay $25 that’ll also get you in for Saturday night, which is a good deal. There is no charge for the Sunday evening Piper’s Chair concert, which is essentially a sign-up open mic. Anyone can play at the Sunday night concert; the idea is to give students and others a chance to perform.

  2. Are there activities/events for “non participating” family members? Was thinking myself (pipes) and my son (fiddle) participating, but also bringing my wife and son (who don’t play) along as well for a little vacation. Also, can you recommend any camp grounds in the area to stay?

    1. Hi Andrew — there aren’t any other activities at Gavin’s (although they do have a playground with swings, sliding board, etc.) but plenty of sights to see and places to hike in the area. There are campgrounds around, but you’ll have to check with them to make sure they’re still open at that time of year; some of them close after September. See https://www.yelp.com/search?cflt=campgrounds&find_loc=East+Durham%2C+NY+12423 for a list of campgrounds in the area. East Durham is fairly close to places like Woodstock, NY, and Hudson, NY, and there are lots of places to hike in the mountains.

      1. Thanks Brad. That is what I was a little concerned about about being so late in the season for camping.

        1. The weather is unpredictable that time of year; we’ve occasionally had snow flurries, but also lots of sun and warmth, cold and rainy, everything really.

          1. Totally okay! We have beginner classes, and although the workshops tend to be geared toward more intermedate-to-advanced players you’ll still learn a lot. And everyone’s encouraging and helpful to beginning pipers, you’ll feel welcome.

          2. Okay, good luck! They often sell out months in advance and might already be sold out for that weekend; if they don’t have room you could check with Shamrock House (not far away).

  3. I won the raffle last year for free admin this year!!
    Can you sign my up for the upper Int pipes and Benedict’s class for Sunday. Can you also confirm

  4. Hi folks! I will be registering myself (pipes) and my wife Maira (fiddle) tomorrow 7/26/23. I would like to request having a piping instructor whom I have not had before, which narrows the field down to Colleen Shanks, and Patrick Hutchinson. Would that be possible? Also, my wife has been at the fiddle for 3.5 years. Would love her to a at least be able to experience Liz Carroll while she is there. Thanks in advance. Looking forward to this year!

    1. Hi Arbo — thanks, I’ll make a note of it. We try to accommodate requests like this but it’s a balancing act in terms of classroom space and the number of students who sign up at each level. We can’t make any promises. But I’ll pass your request on to our registrars! -Brad

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