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Registration for the 2018 Northeast Tionól is now closed. We will have limited on-site registration; there are only a few spots left (note that fiddle classes and workshops are sold out and we cannot accept on-site registrations for fiddle)

Tionól Registration Prices

  • Early Bird (if you register before August 20): $150
  • Regular Registration (if you register between August 21 and September 30): $170
  • On-Site Registration (online registration closes starting October 1): $190

Accommodations and Meals at Gavins

PLEASE NOTE: Gavin’s is now sold out (as of August 14). There are other places to stay in the area, such as the Rose Motel, Shamrock House, and Simply Durham; a Google search for motels in and near East Durham, New York, will turn up others but not all will be open in October so be sure to check.

Meal rates at Gavin’s for daytime guests are $9.95 for breakfast, $12.95 for lunch, and $21.95 for supper.

See our roommates and transportation-sharing page if you want to find a roommate or opportunities for shared transportation.

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If you want to make a donation to the tionól, please use the link below; our registration software can’t handle donations. Thank you! Donations are tax-deductible. We will send you a receipt for your records.


11 thoughts on “Event Registration

  1. Hi Arbo, registration is almost open but not quite — we’ve got one loose end to tie up before it can go live. It should happen this weekend (July 18 or 19). Once registration is live I’ll send out an email to everyone on the list. You’re on the list!

  2. Oisín’s Saturday workshop (slow airs) is full, but the Sunday workshop still has a few spaces and the classes are still available (fiddlers are assigned one class with each instructor).

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