Roommates and Transportation 2022

If you need a roommate or if you want to arrange shared transportation for the 2022 Northeast Tionól, please post a comment below. Include your email address (or phone number) in the comment so other people viewing the comments can get in touch with you if they’re looking for a roommate or can provide a lift to the tionól.

Leave a message below; if you want to reply to a message, hit the reply button.

8 thoughts on “Roommates and Transportation 2022

  1. Looking for a lift to/from the Tionól from the nyc + area. I can travel north on metronorth or to the boroughs to meet you. Will share expenses. Thanks!

  2. If anyone might be arriving around noon on Friday Oct 14th at the Albany airport and wants to coordinate on sharing a ride to Gavin’s, let me know!

    1. Hi Alina – I’m on the Tionol Board, and I’m picking up a couple of the instructors at the airport around then. We can make room, as long as nobody has too much luggage! Three sets of pipes at least, and at least one fiddle takes up a lot of space.
      I’ll get your contact info and get in touch about details.

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