Roommates and Transportation 2023

If you need a roommate or if you want to arrange shared transportation for the 2023 Northeast Tionól, please post a comment below. Include your email address (or phone number) in the comment so other people viewing the comments can get in touch with you if they’re looking for a roommate or can provide a lift to the tionól.

Leave a message below; if you want to reply to a message, hit the reply button.

7 thoughts on “Roommates and Transportation 2023

  1. Greetings. I have a room at Gavin’s‘s and would welcome a roommate to share. Female preferred, unless we know each other fairly well:)

    1. Mary, I have lost my roomie to a gig. If you haven’t found a roommate yet, let’s share! Idk who has the best room set aside for them….

      1. I missed seeing your reply till now! If I reply to you here – not sure if this reverts to a conversation between us let’s talk!

  2. Roommate option at Rose Motel: Shaun Stephens (male) from Vermont willing to share a room w 2 beds at the Rose Motel (I’ve already booked it ).

  3. Hello everyone, it’s Lesl here. I’ve moved to Pennsylvania right by Hershey PA. If there’s anyone willing to pick me up I’d be so glad for a ride. Of course share gas and tolls. You can reach me at Lmhark@gmail (.com) or via my website. Thanks!

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