Roommates and Transportation for 2019

f you need a roommate or if you want to arrange shared transportation for the 2019 Northeast Tionól, please post a comment below. Include your email address (or phone number) in the comment so other people viewing the comments can get in touch with you if they’re looking for a roommate or can provide a lift to the tionól.

8 thoughts on “Roommates and Transportation for 2019

  1. hi all, looking for one or two people (gender doesn’t matter) to share a 4 bed with myself (a guy) and another (a gal.) cost would be $135/person for 3 nites (plus tax) if we have 3 people, $101.25+ for 4 people. 4 beds, full size fridge/stove/microwave. you can call me at 413-218-2392–I’m Mark

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