Roommates and Transportation Sharing for 2017

If you need a roommate or if you want to arrange shared transportation for the 2017 Northeast Tionól, please post a comment below. Include your email address (or phone number) in the comment so other people viewing the comments can get in touch with you if they’re looking for a roommate or can provide a lift to the tionól.

10 thoughts on “Roommates and Transportation Sharing for 2017

  1. My usual ride for the next NE Tionol has become extremely iffy. Looking for options for There and Back Again. I’m in New Providence by Alcatel-Lucent. Happy to split travel costs.

  2. Hi Tom – I’m interested in sharing a room as well , if you haven’t already figured out your accommodation!

  3. Hi All, I’d like to share a room with someone at the Tionol for Friday and Saturday nights, but don’t have a roommate yet. Anyone looking for a roommate?

    Also, I’ll be driving from Montpelier, VT if anyone would like to carpool.
    Thanks, Isaac

  4. I just had a bed free up in my room at the shamrock. My buddy can’t make it because he lives in peurto Rico. If you’re interested let me know. Thanks

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